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I have been servicing thousands of satisfied clients with safe non-surgical hair loss solutions for over 35 years. I have pioneered the most natural look in the industry with my own brand of custom human hair systems. I guarantee that once you feel how comfortable they are, you will never go back to mesh-based hair systems again.

I am a non-franchised operation that doesn't advertise on T. V. and I don’t use gimmicks to make people spend more money on expensive hair-adds and monthly maintenance fees. You save thousands of dollars and get a higher quality product. No salespeople will call you because I don’t have any! I service all my clients personally.

Eddie Dunn Hair Systems Since 1975

My Pledge

• I will match your exact hair color or colors.

• I will custom fit your system to your scalp.

• I will custom cut your hair system to your exact specifications.

• I will send the cleaning and maintenance products on your first order for free.

• I will ship your hair products discretely to the privacy of your home.

• You will have everything you need for a ready-to-wear human hair system!

The reason I love this business so much is the joy and satisfaction of seeing people’s reactions when they see themselves look the way they used to. They can’t even feel it on their heads and it’s so transparent to the eye that no one can ever tell. When people say “I’ve never seen a good hair system on anybody,” I say, “They’re right, because you can never tell when it's a good one!”



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